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About us

Airzone Kitesurf School is run by Berny and Zoe Maginn. We teach in the UK at Hill Head beach between Portsmouth and Southampton in Hampshire on the south coast of the UK, and just over an hour from London. We started kitesurfing 20 years ago - see the picture above taken in 1999 with one of the first ever inflatable kitesurfing kites, the Wipika Classic - things have moved on a bit since then! We opened Airzone Kitesurf School in 2002 when Berny qualified as an instructor on the first ever IKO/BKSA instructor course. Zoe qualified a year later and left her proper job as director of a design agency in 2006 to live the dream full time.

Teaching around the world

We now run our kitesurf school in the UK from April to October and escape the UK winter to run our New Zealand kitesurf school for the rest of the year. Berny qualified as an IKO Examiner in 2004, and we now run IKO kitesurf instructor courses throughout the seasons in the UK and NZ, helping others to change their lifestyles and live their dreams too.

We still love teaching beginners to learn to kitesurf and seeing how much fun people have. Progression is very fast with this sport and the fantastic equipment we have nowadays, so it's always exciting for us to watch people turn into true kite surfers as a result of our teaching and coaching.

Focussed on providing the best instruction

Airzone is not a huge school. We could have chosen to go that way. But we are kitesurf instructors for a reason. We love teaching and we love the lifestyle. So instead of becoming managers of a great big school with staff who come and go and masses of students who’se names we never remember, we choose to focus better on fewer students. And kitesurfing is all we do. We don't have other jobs that we fit it around, kitesurfing really is our passion in life. 

In this way, we know all our students benefit from the experience and expertise that over 10 year’s of teaching at the forefront of kitesurf instruction has given us. We will take you forward at your own pace, not hold you back or push you too quickly. Each lesson is focused on you achieving the best you can and enjoying the experience. You are here to have fun, as well as become a kitesurfer.

Our credentials

We are an official British Kitesurfing Association (BKSA) and International Kiteboarding Organisation (IKO) school. This means we undergo regular inspections, have procedures and documentation in place that is checked and monitored, and we achieve best practice in our training and safety standards. Our instructors are all IKO and BKSA qualified, and our qualifications and affiliations are kept up to date. Zoe is a BKSA Senior Instructor and IKO Level 2 instructor. Berny is a BKSA Senior instructor and IKO Examiner, at the top level of training in kitesurfing and one of only 20 or so in the world.




Fast track beginner to IKO instructor

12 weeks in New Zealand to change your life!

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Beginner kitesurf lessons

One, two or three day courses - learn to become a safe and confident kitesurfer with us.

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Kitesurf instructor courses

Become an IKO kitesurf instructor and travel the world doing something you love.

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No wind no pay

If there's no wind on your 1, 2 or 3 day course, we stop and come back another day or refund any unused lesson time if you can't come back. 

UK kitesurfing accommodation

Stay for a night or two during your course, or come for a kitesurfng holiday

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